High Power Amplifiers





Performance Evaluation and Acceptance Testing of 2kW Ku-Band HPAs

Responsibllity for carrying out the performance evaluation and acceptance testing of a new generation of 2kW Ku-Band HPAs for the European Space Agency (ESA).

Study of TDMA Burst Mode Transmission on HPA Nonlinear Behaviour

Evaluation of the effects of burst-mode transmission on HPA TWTA amplifiers, including helix-cathode supply circuit impedance variations (and resulting am/pm conversion variations) as a function of TDMA frame rate.

Study of Pre-distortion Linearisers to Reduce Signal Distortion in Transmit Chains

Investigation of different transmit chain pre-distortion techniques in terms of achievable bandwidth, realisability and stability over time.

Design of Transmit and Receive Chains for a High Power Military Earth Station

This contract involved the design of a multi-chain, very high power X-Band earth station for a Government customer. It involved 10kW klystrons and the detailed design of a high power contiguous channel multiplexer with exceptional rejection in the receive band.

Have a look at my blog post LA Confidential - X-Band & Artichokes for a bit of interesting background which followed on from this!

Design of the Up-path Power Control System for a High Power Military Earth Station

This up-path power control system had to be of high accuracy and handle various signal types, including CDMA stacks.

Design, Development and Manufacture of an Up-path Power Control System for TV Uplink Stations

This novel product ensured that satellite transponders were held at saturation (or at a precise input back-off), independant of uplink fading or uplink station antenna de-pointing.