Satellite Communications for Defence

This up-to-date, 3-day training course has been presented to selected international clients. In addition to covering the basics it goes into issues such as the use of spread spectrum, CDMA, LPI (Low Probability of Interception), jamming and anti-jamming etc. Examples of current systems including MUOS, WGS and AEHF are covered.

Assisting PTT Administrations upgrade to INTELSAT 120 MBit/s TDMA/DSI Operations

Provision of assistance to a number of PTT's (Greece, Philippines, Thailand) in planning for and specifying the upgrading of their earth stations for operation with the INTELSAT 120 MBit/s TDMA/DSI system. This was done under the auspices of the INTELSAT IADP Programme and under contract to INTELSAT.

Provision of Training Materials to PTT Administrations for Earth Station Operations Staff

Provision of training materials on the INTELSAT 120 MBit/s TDMA/DSI system to many PTT Administrations for the training of their operations staff.

Provision of Training Materials to NEC, Japan

Production of technical and training material on the INTELSAT 120 MBit/s TDMA/DSI system for NEC of Japan, for use in their contract with INTELSAT for the provision of the INTELSAT TDMA Reference Earth Stations.

Provision of Training Materials to INTELSAT

Provision of training material to INTELSAT for use by the operations staff of all Reference Earth Stations in the INTELSAT 120 MBit/s TDMA/DSI system.

Earth Station Technology Course for Arab Nations

Prepared material for and presented a one week course entitled Earth Station Technology to delegates from 11 Arab countries which was hosted by the Moroccan PTT in Rabat, on behalf of INTELSAT.

The course was presented in dual languages - English and French.

The seminar was organised by INTELSAT and chaired by the Director General of the Moroccan PTT.

Training of BT Training Staff

Involvement in the provision of training materials in Earth Station Technology to British Telecom (BT), and the training of BT training staff to enable them to provide Earth Station Technology training courses to their customers.

The OLYMPUS Satellite Users' Guide

Following the succesful launch of OLYMPUS, I was contracted by ESA to prepare the document The Use and Performance Characteristics of the OLYMPUS Satellite. This was the Satellite Users' Guide for all the organisations accessing the satellite.