MySatelliteSpy™ is a new, members-only area of the site, but one which will be expanding. If you’re into satellites, earth stations, orbital mechanics, deep space communications, astronomy, radio astronomy, RF & microwave engineering, antennas, electromagnetics, digital signal processing etc. then this is the place for you.

We’ll be adding articles, tutorials, whitepapers, references, useful links and eBooks as we go.

Downstream, we’ll be providing some useful MySatTools® software tools and Apps at discounted prices for you to download and use too. Should you wish to get Premium Content then you’ll be able to upgrade your membership from the free MySatKnowHow™ to the MySatSecrets™ tier if you like.

If you opt to receive occasional email notifications we’ll let you know when new, relevant material becomes available. We definitely won’t bombard you with “salesman-type” emails – that’s a promise!
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If you have any specific topics, questions or areas of interest then you’ll be able to raise a topic on the MySatForum™. I’ll keep an eye on activity in the Forum, and contribute and help whenever I can.

I hope that you’ll sign up for membership and visit regularly and participate in this community. It’s a place to find information, ask questions, help others or even look for a new job using the MySatJobs™ area of the Forum.

There’s a summary of membership benefits and features of MySatelliteSpy™ and a “sign-up” link here

Go for it!

Dr Bob Gough (Satellite Spy)
Carrick Communications Ltd