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Companies, Agencies and Educational Establishments seeking to fill vacant positions are faced with a number of challenges, including:

  • Where to advertise, so as to attract just the right talent they seek?
  • How to make the best possible use of limited advertising budgets?
  • Talented, professional individuals are mobile and will happily move country to take up their next challenge. How do you get global coverage when seeking the best “niche” candidates?

Well, advertising on the MySatJobs™ Forum here is definitely worth your consideration. Your advertisements will gain exposure not only to viewers of the Job Seekers Forum, but also the general MySatKnowHow™ Forum. This Satellite Spy website is targeted towards world-wide professionals operating in the satellite communications, satellites, earth stations, orbital mechanics, deep space communications, astronomy, radio astronomy, RF & microwave engineering, antennas, electromagnetics, and digital signal processing fields.

As a Job Advertiser you will have the capability to post your own html, upload images etc. so your advertisements can be professional and really make an impact. In addition, you and any viewers will be able to share your advertised vacant positions on all the social media sites with just one click.

In addition, we will actively promote your job advertisements via our 50 relevant Linkedin Groups (with tens of thousands of members) and our Twitter account. You can follow on Twitter here:

We’re adding features all the time, so you will soon have the possibilities of CV upload via the Forum and direct messaging with prospects, should you so choose.

To compare the different options and to purchase the solution that’s best for you, click here

You have full control over your account, so you only need to pay when you’ve actually got advertisements to place.

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time using your own Account Management page; for example, when your positions are filled. Then maybe some months later when you have new vacancies just initiate the required monthly subscription again.

When you purchase one of the Recruiter Options you will automatically be registered as a MySatelliteSpy™ member, so you will receive updated information that is published from time to time.

We will be inviting employers and recruitment agencies to be the monthly sponsor for the MySatJobs™ forum. Do let us know if you are interested in this possibility.

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