2016 Joint Conference on Satellite Communications Systems

The 34th AIAA International Communications Satellite
Systems Conference (ICSSC)
and the 22nd Ka and Broadband
Communications Conference
, the two most influential
technical conferences on communications satellite systems, will be held jointly in Cleveland, Ohio, October 18 to 20, 2016.

Cleveland-Top-Banner(460x165)NASA_Glenn_Logo(130x39)2016 is the year in which the AIAA ICSSC will celebrate its 50th anniversary and this is also the second time that the Ka Band Conference, started in order to publicize NASA’s ACTS satellite, is held in Cleveland in collaboration with the NASA Glenn Research Center.

The Joint Conference infosite is located here and contains information on the 34th AIAA ICSSC Conference and the 22nd Ka and Broadband Communications Conference.

The theme of the Joint Conference “Communications Satellite Systems: A Look Back at the First 50 Years and Thoughts on the Next 50” emphasises the vital role of satellites in providing information, entertainment, weather forecasting, travel directions and communications, for civilian use, while for governments, satellites provide key functions for civil and military needs, security and public safety, search and rescue operations, tracking of moving vehicles on land and at sea, environmental sensing and monitoring, and disaster assistance. Also, satellites are the only means of achieving a better understanding of our universe and in particular of our galaxy. This search calls for unprecedented communication capacity, now provided by Ka-band satellites and in the future by Q-/V- and possibly W-band satellites.

The Opening Session will present the significant achievements of the satellite industry during the last fifty years and will look at the future, starting with the third generation Ka-band Systems, the proposed LEO global broadband access systems, and NASA’s plans for interplanetary communications.

FGM-Events(130x41)AIAA-logo_newTag_CMYK(130x50)This Joint Conference, which is organized by FGM Events, LLC, and sponsored by the AIAA, will cover these capabilities, propose and discuss new uses, and provide a forum for the exploration of the economic, marketing, technical and regulatory issues affecting these new and planned services. Events of the Joint Conference to support the above goals are:

  • The Colloquium (to be held on Monday, October 17 immediately preceding the Joint Conference).
  • The BroadSky Workshop.
  • A Plenary Opening Session with leaders from the satellite field.

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You might wonder why I’m going to all this trouble. Well, it’s because I’ve recently been appointed as Chair, Media Relations Subcommittee of the AIAA’s Communications Systems Technical Committee (CMSTC). So I’m ‘official’ now!

To learn more about the AIAA’s CMSTC and its activities just click on the logo below:Test_TC_Logo(460x68)

Satcom September – ICSSC 2015

So what is ICSSC 2015 and why is it one of the most prestigious events in the satellite communications calendar?

aiaa_logoThe AIAA ICSSC conference is held at a different location every year and each event focuses on a specific, relevant satellite communications theme. The conference papers are predominantly technical and engineering based and attract top-class submissions which are peer-reviewed prior to acceptance.

The previous two conferences were held in San Diego, California and Florence, Italy respectively. This year it’s the turn of Australia and ICSSC 2015 will be the 33rd American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), to be held at QT Surfers Paradise, 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Australia, from September 7 to 10, 2015.

33rd AIAA ICSSC Conference Website

The 2015 ICSSC conference is co-hosted by Australian based EM Solutions and the AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications with the conference theme High Throughput Satellites, Other Performance Advances and Applications – Keeping Satellites Essential in a Broadband World.
The theme has been chosen to emphasize that, even though fibre networks tend to dominate discussion of broadband telecommunications, this is a wireless world and satellites remain the only platform to offer communications anywhere, anytime.

The conference program which runs over 4 days and includes 70 speakers is available to view online here

The conference itself will be preceded on Monday 7th September by a Colloquium entitled Architectures and Technologies for Next Generation High Throughput Satellite Systems, which will review what will maximize the economic return from the industry’s space investment. The Colloquium will host a panel of experts representing the multiple aspects of ground and satellite architectures, in a workshop-style forum. The Colloquium is structured so attendees can actively engage with the panel, and better learn about how current and future technologies will realize next generation high throughput satellite systems.

The ICSSC 2015 Pre-Conference Colloquium Panelists will include:

• Jacques-Samuel Prolon, General Manager Kacific Broadband Satellites, Emerging Satellite Services
• Andrew Johnson, Managing Partner of the Delta Systems Group formerly Orion, Regional Satellite Services
• David Ball, former CTO Newsat, Global Satellite Solutions
• Hector Fenech, Director of Future Satellite Systems, Eutelsat, Global Satellite Solutions
• Erwin Hudson, VP and Program Manager ViaSat, former CTO Wildblue Communications, Broadband Ground Services
• Rob Singh, VP Business Development and Comm Systems Architect, SSL, Broadband Satellite Systems Manufacturer

Following the Conference a Technical Networking Day has been organised for Thursday, 10th September. Now I’m certain that this will be extremely popular with delegates, particularly those who have not visited Australia before. This day has three completely contrasting venues which must surely cater for all tastes.

It’s a tribute to the conference organisers AST Management Pty Ltd and the conference secretariat to have organised the following three superb events:

Golf - The Glades Gold Club

Golf – The Glades Gold Club

The Glades Golf Club boasts the reputation as one of Australia’s most prestigious resort golf courses and is located right here on the Gold Coast. Designed by champion Australian golfing icon, Greg Norman, the course is typical of his trademark aggressive layouts offering golfers a challenging round of golf within visually stunning surrounds.

Tamborine Tracks Tours - Mt Tamborine National Park

Tamborine Tracks Tours – Mt Tamborine National Park

A fully guided and all-inclusive tour into the Gold Coast Hinterland. Visit Tamborine National parks with an award winning, family run 4WD tour company.
Experience secluded hillside trails, private venues, rainforest, waterfall and stunning panoramic views with a timetable that doesn’t feel rushed but has you seeing as much as you can in the time.

Whale Watching Cruise

Whale Watching Cruise

See the magnificent humpback whales breach. Hear their great tails slap the water. Feel the waves rock the boat. Marvel at their playfulness. Embark on an unforgettable whale watching cruise past homes of the rich & famous to the deep blue waters of the majestic “Humpback Whale Highway”.

Full details can be found here – but how on earth does one choose between them? For me, it’s the Tamborine Tracks Tour. Why? Because it just so happens that I’m lucky enough to live up in that splendid, unspoiled rainforest. I can guarantee that this tour will give international delegates in particular a real feel for “Country Australia” and Australian friendliness and hospitality!

Oh, and speaking of “Country Australia” perhaps this is why OPTUS is the conference Gold Sponsor – they’re keeping both urban and country Australia seamlessly connected together and integrated with the wider world by satellite!

Satcom September – VSAT 2015

There are many satellite communications conferences and exhibitions which take place every year all over the globe – it’s an international business after all. For some reason September would appear to be the busiest month, perhaps because it’s “back to work” following the northern hemisphere’s summer vacation period.

Whatever the reason, September is a busy month. In a sequence of posts of which this is the first I’ll highlight some of the main events taking place in locations as diverse as London, Amsterdam, Seoul Korea, Maceio Brazil, The Gold Coast, Australia and more. So here’s the first, VSAT 2015 in London, England:

VSAT 2015

VSAT 2015 is the annual meeting place for the major decision makers from across the industry to focus on key issues, discuss the latest industry developments and identify opportunities across the globe.

Whether you want to catch up with your industry peers, meet potential and existing business partners or learn about the industry and market developments
VSAT 2015 is the premier industry event for you, Featuring Keynotes from

• Andy Lucas, CTO, Harris CapRock
• Morten Hansen, CTO, RigNet
• Aditya Chatterjee, CTO, Global Eagle Entertainment
• Francois Rodriguez, CSO / CMO, SITA OnAir
• Alain Bertrand, CTO, Airbus Defence & Space

There are new keynotes, one-on-one meetings and to cap it off an end-user summit.

Download the conference programme now

For those who are not aware VSAT is the acronym for Very Small Aperture Terminals, be they land, air or maritime-based. There are well over 500,000 in operation today.

VSAT 2015 is the 17th such annual event in the series and will be held in the centre of London, England between 16th and 18th September 2015.

A personal perspective:
I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the prime partner of VSAT 2015, Comsys.
Comsys WebsiteThe founder, Jeremy Rose, established his company in 1982. He (and his partner then, Simon Bull) and I go right back to those very early days. My company (Communication Systems Research Ltd) developed one of the very first VSAT systems called Pandata™ back in the 1980s. Jeremy’s team and mine fought the tide of the then-entrenched telecoms administrations who saw VSATs as a threat to their established business models.

How that tide has turned over the years! And much of that is due to the work and tenacity of Jeremy and Comsys. Jeremy, you’re a credit to the VSAT industry.